How Do You Know If Breast Augmentation Is Right For You

Is Breast Augmentation Suitable For Everyone?

Unlike breast lift surgery, breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery method that helps in increasing breasts size and enhances their shape through silicone or saline placement. Thousands of this type of operation has been done every year around the world. There are few steps you need to go through before you decide on having the procedure. The most vital step is determining whether it is the right thing for you to do.

Who Are The Best Candidates?

Women are different and may have various reasons to consider the procedure. In that, some may decide to have a mastectomy after discovering they have cancer of the breast or may have been involved in a car accident that left them disfigured. Additionally, the operation can also be performed on patients who want a change in the size of their breasts or wish to restore more youthful looking breasts.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Advantages associated with the breast augmentation surgical procedure include, a patient feeling better and comfortable with herself. Other benefits include the following:

• A higher confidence level and self-esteem

• Improvement in the fitting of her clothes making her feel better wearing them.

• Her breasts having a more symmetrical appearance

• Changes that happened following her pregnancy, nursing or weight loss are corrected.

Potential Risks Involved with Breast Augmentation

In this procedure, doctors have been able to minimize risks from a decade ago. FDA has approved both silicone and saline implants. However, the procedure may have risks involved especially with women who have trouble with anesthesia. Others may have challenges with recovery. Among other risks include surgical risks, breast numbness, scar tissue, capsular contracture, chronic breast pain, and hardened and misshapen breasts.


How to Choose The Right Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

It can be challenging to choose the best plastic surgeon for your breast implant singapore. If you do not know what to look for you may end up making a poor decision based on incorrect assumptions. Thus you might not achieve your desired look and may be forced to rectify the issue. For that when you are searching for the best breast augmentation surgeon it is vital you consider the following.

• The surgeon should be a board certified

• He should have experience with a minimum of five years training residency in all areas of surgery.

• He should be able to provide a thorough consultation

• He should display before and after picture on his site as well as show them to you during the meeting.


Breast augmentation surgery is a safe procedure and has become the most commonly done procedure for women wishing to enhance their appearance. Check out Breast Augmentation Singapore Facebook page to see their customers’ review.